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I have played a few roles in life and tried out many different things. In terms of professional experience, I like to say I am a trade policy expert, photographer, writer, educationist and entrepreneur. At the moment I am enjoying the ride of the life – of being a working professional and an adoptive single mom of a toddler – based in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I am almost always pressed for time and yet make time to do the things I love to do. 



This website is dedicated to my work as a visual artist – to put the work in one place. But I will also post blogs on travel, my views on school education matters and economic or socio-economic issues, and motherhood.


In art and literature, I am drawn towards the forms of reality expressed in terms of magic realism, hyper realism, surrealism, otherworldly etc. I am also interested in individuals’ stories – their backgrounds, thoughts, emotions and sentiments. Through my passion for visual arts – mainly photography and writing – I explore the mysterious and the unsaid in stories of individuals (including myself), and blend these with their realities. 

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