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Photography is my passion and more. It is an interest, which consumes a considerable chunk of my time. It allows me to express myself, give a release and channelise energy into a creative space. It helps me to highlight stories and capture emotions of people who surround me.

My focus is on urban, travel, portraiture and children. In 2014 and 2015, I have also photographed exhibitions, small businesses, school children, school events, a start up and a home stay in Himachal Pradesh. In 2016, I have done product (women’s clothing), travel and urban, and infant portrait photography. 





I love to write! I have written and published poetry, travel articles and, academic and professional papers on economic issues. I write and edit an annual children’s magazine.

Currently, I am working on a portfolio “Transience and Transcendence of Human Experiences and Emotions” which has short poetry (or micropoetry) and, black and white photos. A sample of work is found on this site (blogs) and here (Journeys in words and pictures on artly.me).

I am a trustee of a charitable School near Kolkata, which has been running for almost 33 years. Also dipped my toe in the entrepreneurial water by being involved in two travel focussed ventures.

For more than 15 years, my livelihood mainly has been by being a trade policy expert.


LinkedIn has published work on photography, writing and research.

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Sanchita Chatterjee, December 2016, New Delhi, India


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